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成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月白话汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),隔壁老王

原标题:成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月白话汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),隔壁老王


【IELTS】2019年1-4月口语汇总题库Part 2&3(VII)...

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成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王


# 2019年1-4月雅思文言题库 #

Part 2&3

# Describe an interesting talk or lecture

part 2

When you heard it

Wh壹恣ere you heard it

What it was about

And explain wh成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王y you think it was interesting

part 3

What kinds of people will be invited to give a speech?

In what occasion would you be a good listener?

Is listening to speeches important to children?

What is required to be a good public speaker?

Will Chinese people feel nervous when it comes to public speak李多仁ing?

# Describe a beautiful city

part 2

Where it is

How you know it

What it is famous for

And why you think it is a beautiful city

part 3

Do you think having too many t徐景春获奖ourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

What can we do to stop visitors from damaging historical places?

Are there more tall buildings than small flats in your country?

Why do most Chinese live in apartments rather than houses?

Why do some people like to visit historical places?

# Describe an important decision made with the help of other people

part 2


When it 罗广新happened

Who helped you to make the decision

What the decision was

And how you felt about it

part 3

Should we trust the advice given by strangers for m老友趣薯片aking decisions?

Who would 成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王like to make bad decisions men or w素予佳妍omen?

Who will be 蔡金涂helpful when making decision in your country?

Do you think it is advisable listening to others' advice 爱情最好的姿态林遇when making decision?

When young people are to make a decision, should they listen to some advice?

# Descriibe an interesting part of your country

part 2

Where it is

How you got to know about it

What it is famous for

And explain wh成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王y you think it is interesting

part 3

What's thdeveloppesexe difference between people living in the city and people living in the countryside?

What's the difference between big cities and small cities?

What's the difference between the north and south part of your country?

What makes one country different from others?醉蛇小子

Do you l王堂辉polymonoike living in big cities or small ones?

# Describe a place you plan to travel to that is far away from your home

part 2

Where it wou张继科趴地动作走红ld be

How you would like to go t项羽帐下五大将here

What you would do there

And explain why you would like to go there

part 3

Where do Chinese people like to travel to?

Do people in your country like to have holidays?

What are the disadvantages of working overtime?

What kinds of activities do people like to do for holidays?

Why do some people prefer to stay at home duri成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王ng holidays?

# Describe a成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王 time that a p成田机场,【IELTS】2019年1-4月文言汇总题库Part 2&3(VII),近邻老王iece of equipment of yours was broken (such as TV)

part 2

What the equipment was

When the problem was

What you did after it was brokenhuyayiqik

And how you felt about it

part 3

What are the common home appliances that people use these days?

Do you think modern technology makes people lazier?

What can people do to protect their equipment from technical problems?

When an electronic item of yours刘良芳 does not work, would you repair it or buy a new one?

Are you good at handling problems on your own?

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